Social Media Policy

Social Media policy will encompass public communications through such internet mediums and websites such as, but not limited to,  Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, MSN.    This also includes any other social media network that allows users to communicate online.

RCBA social media policy states that players and coaches will use social media that comply with all rules set out in Code of Conduct – Player or  Coach;  and as well; players and coaches also agree to:

Not publish, author or co-author any images or written material that can be construed as:

  • derogatory
  • defamatory
  • demeaning
  • threatening
  • depiction of illegal
  • private or confidential

material or behavior about any player, organization, coach, team or official.

Contravention of this policy will be considered in the same manner as any contravention of a Player or Coach Code of Conduct.