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Just Play Ball

Richmond City Baseball Presents:
“Just Play Ball”  

Richmond City Baseball Association is pleased to announce our community based program to build awareness of baseball within Richmond of “Just Play Ball”. RCBA is a vibrant and diverse association with a wealth of resources continually working to strengthen the baseball community and secure future “Chucker” athlete members.

Since late 2014 RCBA has worked diligently on building strategic partnerships and awareness within Richmond of the sport of baseball. The objective is for individuals to have more opportunities to participate in baseball as a sport in order to become more physically active, healthier and achieve their personal goals within RCBA programming.

Our association’s strategy is to develop and support initiatives that reduce barriers to participation in physical activity such as baseball. RCBA wants to improve health for children through school-based programming and community sport. We look to improve developmental opportunities and support other sport organizations and programs that promote safe experiences and skill development. 

“justplayball” Winterball kits

Our association has provided “Winterball” baseball kits to elementary schools based on Baseball Canada programming for a number of years. The primary focus of Winterball is to introduce to children the fundamentals of baseball in a fun manner that is non-competitive and that provides a positive learning experience for all involved. Designed for students in aged 6-12, Winterball progresses through activities set out in nine different lesson plans, taught in three sets to ensure students learn at an appropriate skill and ability level.  All students following the teacher's lesson plans detailed in the Winterball program will exhibit proficiency in movement skills while gaining social skills by working and getting along with others.

“justplayball” RCBA’s Community Centre free sessions

In a partnership with the City of Richmond and South Arm Community Centre and promoted in the Winter/Spring Leisure Guide, RCBA is hosting free afterschool sessions over a 9-week period beginning in January through March of 2017 (program is sold-out and is currently waitlisted). If this pilot project is successful RCBA is looking to expand in the 4th Quarter of 2017 into the 1st Quarter of 2018.

“justplayball” RCBA’s in-school free sessions

In conjunction with various School District No. 38 Richmond Parent Advisory Councils (PACs) RCBA has been promoting athletics participation through baseball over the past year. School visits and presentations have built awareness of our sport in our community. In-part this is how the “Winterball” awareness has started and provided to local schools over the past two years. In another pilot project RCBA will be hosting for one full week a dedicated baseball program via the school’s Physical Education classes K -7 at Jesse Wowk Elementary.

“justplayball” Intro to Baseball day

An annual RCBA hosted event at Latrace field at Minoru Park the last Sunday of January each year. This is an opportunity to promote and have individuals who have never participated in baseball come out and experience baseball activities with our Director of Player Development David Van Ostrand and Chucker players. There are prizes and chances of free registrations for all participants.